The 360 Online Performance Group, Essen, Germany is first and foremost a business consultancy with two main topics: digital communication and digital transformation. Following the claim "we enable people, teams, startups and corporates to make ideas happen" 360 Online Performance Group works extremely value-added-oriented. This means that in every concept and project the company follows the lean startup methodology with predetermined breaking points at various levels. This enables 360 Online Performance Group to ask internally and externally whether an existing challenge has been solved with the results and approaches.

Oliver Weimann founded his first digital startup in 2007 and he has been investing in external teams and ideas since 2012. At the same time, he and employees of 360 Online Performance Group were active as mentors for startups. Since there were no startup events to be found in the Ruhr region at that time, 360 Online Performance Group was asked again and again to organize small sessions. In this environment the RuhrSummit was finally seeded.

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