Co-Founders and CEO (Johannes Sréter) & CFO (Christoph Hofer) of Shopeur

Johannes Sréter's background is in tourism development. He has worked in several tourism development and consultancy projects in Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia. Alongside his full-time commitment to Shopeur he maintains a connection to the academic world by teaching sustainability at his former hospitality management college in Switzerland and as a guest lecturer at universities in the UK.

Christoph Hofer worked as a consultant at an international consultancy firm for several years and gained profound insight into running projects of various scale and challenges.

Markus started his first company right after high school and has been involved in a variety of businesses ever since leading up to his current role as business angel for three start-ups and named partner at an executive search firm.

Flo founded his IT company in 2001 and since then their business has grown to cater for major players in the German and international market.

Johannes Sréter on LinkedIn


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