Entrepreneur, Consultant & Co-Founder of DC-HUB

Photo © Martin Gothe

Entrepreneur & Consultant | Co-Founder of DC-HUB

Martin Gothe started his career with Siemens and then Deutsche Bank. Later he went to Shanghai and worked for the German Chamber of Commerce Shanghai. Before Martin Gothe started his own businesses he was working as a Consultant for a Hong Kong management consultancy with a focus on German SMEs doing business in Asia.

Martin Gothe started his own businesses 5 years ago until he incorporated them 4 years ago with a basis in Germany and China. In Germany he provides China-related consulting services for German SMEs while his Chinese company focuses on strategy in China. Another business deals with Lean Management, Industry 4.0 and Supply Chain Management in a European-Chinese context.

Due to starting up business in Germany and China, as well as winning an Innovation Award for one of his Chinese start-ups, Martin Gothe was able to gain experience in the start-up ecosystem both in Germany and China.

Together with Steve Uhlig, Martin Gothe started DC-HUB at the Leipzig University.

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