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We wanted to generate a community feeling for the startup scene in the Ruhr area

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startupweek RUHR 2018

This autumn we can experience how lively and diverse the startup scene in the Rhine-Ruhr region is. Some days ago the Bits4Kohle event in Duisburg has successfully finished. Now the next startup event takes place in the Ruhr region. From September 24th through 28th startupweek:RUHR attracts entrepreneurs, investors and everybody who is interested in digitization and innovation.

Tom Felber talked for SUPERIOR Business to Oliver Weimann, the Managing Direktor of the startupweek:RUHR organizer ruhr:HUB about the event.

For the second time startupweek:RUHR takes place. What is the concept behind it? Which goals do you like to achieve with the event?

Honestly said we wanted to generate a community feeling. There is a huge event like RuhrSummit which shows the size of the scene but startupweek:RUHR enables all partners to create their own startup / digital events.

The startupweek:RUHR covers a whole region with several cities. How does it work, bringing different cities together? What are the advantages and are there any aspects which are difficult?

To be honest, in our region we will only create relevant impact if we work together and heavily cooperate! Said this we are proud to announce that we were able to collaborate 10 cities with in total more than 85 events for one week!

The advantages are obvious if you consider the strengths of the region. We can provide super power and deep knowhow in IT-Security (Bochum), Data Analytics, Sensorics, Robotics (Dortmund), eHealth, Energy (Essen). But all of it becomes even more valuable combined! It's like a great opportunity if you consider that we honestly have the industrial clients around the door. Next to Baden-Würtemberg the "Ruhr area" and neighbourhood is still the industrial heart of Germany. These companies are keen for innovation and heavy adaptors of IndustrialTech startups.

Can you tell us about some of the program highlights of startupweek:RUHR?

I personally don't like the word highlight so much… why? Because it disregards the other events, which is not fair and correct! We will see small workshops and experience talks with high impact to all participants as well as pitch events and panel discussions.

For me Kick-off and After-show-party are special events for sure. Also I'm looking forward to Corporate Innovation Slam on Monday and Starbuzz Demo-Day on Tuesday. Sometimes we as a team are really surprised which events are completely packed first.

Here are some events for people who are generally interested in startups: https://hub.ruhr/2018/08/31/start-up-interessierte/

Is startupweek:RUHR open for everyone? Where do visitors get the tickets for the event?

YES!!! We want every person who is interested in startups, in digitization, in innovation to join us! All events are for free and we are more then happy if this initiative leads to new faces and contacts!

For tickets please visit www.startupweek.ruhr and follow the links!

From your perspective, is the Ruhr region a good environment for startups? Is it startup ecosystem here different from other regions in Germany?

I'm obviously personally fighting for improvement of the startup ecosystem since quite five years, so how could I not see advantages for our home turf? For me the combination of science and knowhow on the one side, industrial clients on the second and growing ecosystem are key to prove future for "Ruhr area".

Thank you for the interview and have a successful startupweek:RUHR !

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